Service Officers are available from the post level to the State Level to assist veterans. The Post Service Officer is there to help with simple items such as filing for a duplicate copy of veterans discharge or service record. Post Service Officers may also assist in the completion of various forms in preparation for the submission of claims but they are NOT able to submit claims to the VA or other agencies on behalf of veterans. There is no cost for assistance from the post service officer and veterans do not have to be members of the post to gain assistance from the service officer.

State Service Officers are available to assist veterans in the preparation and submission of claims to the VA and other agencies of the government. State Service Officers are certified as such which involves significant training and testing requirements and gives them wide experience in the preparation and documentation of veteran’s claims. It is strongly recommended that any veteran who believes that they may have a claim to the VA or other government agency speak with a State Service Officer prior to submission of that claim and submit any claims through that State Service Officer to the VA for review. This gives the veteran the benefit of the experience and training of the certified officer who does this for a living and therefore knows all of the intricacies of such filings. For veterans applying for assistance from the Staten Island area, the Albany based Service Officer is normally the first choice. As with the Post Service Officer the services of the State Service Officer are free of charge and available to any veteran.

With the SF 180 document: Veterans may complete this form themselves and may mail it per the directions on page 3 to the correct organization to secure their military records or may ask the Post Service Officer to assist. It is highly recommended that this form be filled out on line using the website as shown as this reduces the turnaround time by almost one month.

Blazing Star Post Officer

Paul Dietrich
Tel: (718) 698-5269

To request military records, it is recommend you use this link, as it is much quicker. You may however download the form and mail it.

Click here to download the form to request military records (discharge)

Click here to download the form for getting a standard Veterans grave marker

Click here to download the form for burial assistance

VFW Service Officers NY State

Buffalo – Service Officer

Colin Anderson
130 S Elmwood Avenue, Suite 626
Buffalo, NY 14202
Tel: (716) 857-3403
Fax: (716) 857-3484